A downloadable game for Windows

Inpsired by Oblivion and Skyrim

Mastoria is a open world rpg roleplay game. This game is what you expect to play when you buy a game like Skyrim. You can preorder it now for a cheap price.

There is a dark power in Mastoria. An old friend has become an big enemy, and he want make Mastoria his own kingdom. He start's with the South-Kingdom called "Samera", it means "history" in demon language. Samera got a big history, and a lot of secret hidden artifacts in dungeons. At the very beginning you wil enter one of those dungeons with a hidden artifacts. After the first mission, you can do what you want.

If you want the Mastoria latest news, follow the facebook page or send a email to: Mastoria-Samera@outlook.com

Searching for someone who is good in 3d modelling if youre good in it mail : B.Kleijn@outlook.com


This game is currently unavailable